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New User Guide

  1. Click the referral link or the link given by your friend.
  2. Select your citizenship e.g. "Malaysia"

3. Fill in your personal information.

4. Tick ​​the box as permission for personal data to be used according to company policy.

5. Enter the password (minimum 12 characters - there are uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters e.g. !, # or &)

6. Enter the TAC received either from your email or SMS, depending on your choice earlier.

7. Setup 6-digit PIN for verification when making transactions at QM.

8. Congratulations! You have successfully registered a new Gold Saving Account.

9. Now you can login at our QM website:

You are required to update your user settings which includes:

  1. Bank Account
  2. Edit profile
  3. Update eKYC (Know Your Client) - Upload your IC or Passport.

Note: Please download or screenshot your Bank Account Statement showing your bank name, Account Holder Name and Account number.

  1. Login to the QM account page.

2. In the Menu, go to User Settings and choose 'Bank Account'. Click '+add' button.


3. Fill in your banking information. => Bank Name, Bank Account No., Account Holder Name, Account country and upload your bank statement showing those particulars as attachment (compulsory in order to verify your eKYC later).

  1. In the Menu, go to User Settings and choose 'Edit Profile'.

2. Fill in boxes with red asterisk.

We recommend that you download and install the QM Gold apps in order to get instant approval of eKYC?



  1. Login to your QM account.
  2. You will be prompt to complete your eKYC verification. If not, go to Menu -> KYC Verification.

3. Take a snapshot of your Identification card (IC) within the box indicator. Make sure the photo is clear and has no light reflection.

4. Confirm your information.

5. Take a Selfie.

6. Congratulations. Your KYC verification has been approved.

For QM Gold App, please proceed to Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download QM Gold App.

For Malaysian, please search by inserting “QMGold MY”. For Global, please search by inserting “QMGold Global”

You can download and install the QM Gold MY apps from the following links:



Note: You can also use your IC number to login as the Username.

  1. Login to your QM account (This guide shows method using QM Gold apps)
  2. Click the 'Transaction' icon and choose 'Top Up'. Select your Individual Account.

4. Enter your Top Up amount and select your method of payment e.g. Better FPX (MYR). You may choose direct bank-in if you want to purchase gold amounting to more than the FPX limit i.e. RM30,000 or you want to pay in US Dollar (for international members). QM will provide the bank account number for you to make the transaction at the bank teller counter.

You don't need to select the 'Convert to Gold Convert' button unless you want to make GCA (85% cash back).

Submit confirmation of your Top Up amount, and choose your bank for online payment.

5. Login to your bank account and proceed with payment.

6. After successful payment, return to the merchant webpage and view your order details.

7. You can then download and save your Gold Certificate for future references.

  1. Click the 'GAE' icon at the bottom right corner, and select 'Purchase'. Choose the GAE10x option and enter the GAE unit you want to buy.

2. Select your payment method, Tick the declaration box and press the 'Submit' button.

Choose your bank for online payment.

3. Click the 'Pay' button and you will be directed to your bank login page. Proceed with the payment and return back to Merchant for your order details.

Note: Those who purchase 1 unit of GAE10x or 3 units of GAE5x are eligible to be promoted as Introducers. Please let your referrer knows that you want to be Introducers.

Introducers earn rebates or commissions on their subsequent gold purchases (2% from GAE10x, 1.5% from GAE5x and 0.5% from GSA)

If you've registered your QM account using the referrer link , then your referrer is Sutan Alahuddin (Kidin Sam) from Newkidin Business.

You may whatsapp me at +60176486196 or email [email protected] if you want more information about Quantum Metal. I'm more than happy to assist you.

Please make sure that you have uploaded your bank statement showing your Bank name, holder account holder name and account number.

If your bank account or your KYC is not approved, you will not be able to buy Gold for Gold Convert Account (GCA) or to terminate (sell) your gold.

Please communicate with Quantum Metal Care using the following:

1. Access “Live Chat” by clicking the “Chat Button” at the QBEB Website ( or QMSB Website (, in progress of centralized at QBEB website soon.

2. Phone line 03-8605 3611

3. Email: [email protected]