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Gold has historically been seen as a good way to protect your wealth against inflation.

Quantum Metal offers 3 solutions for you:
1. Gold Saving Account (GSA) – Transform your Currency into Gold. You can buy gold for as low as RM10.
2. Gold Convert Account (GCA) – Preserve Your Wealth. Convert up to 85% of the gold value in their GSA into cash
3. Gold Asset Enhanced (GAE) – To multiply or enhance Your Gold Asset up to 5x or 10x, based on the concept of Tawaruq murabahah, which is a Shariah-compliant financing.

If you’re interested in learning more about Quantum Metal or Gold Saving Accounts in general, I’ve compiled a list of YouTube videos that you can watch.

Company Profile and Achievements (6:51 mins)

QM Solutions (14:04 mins)

Reseller Programme (5:10 mins)

How to register a FREE QM GSA (3:20 mins)

Referrer link to register a free Gold Saving Account: